Rest in the first place

Just lying on the couch on the weekend and not doing anything, that's what I think is relaxing as it should be. In my opinion, every man should rest occasionally. Someone of course resting daily, so it is OK, although in the ordinary household it is probably also not possible to run this daily because it is constantly something needed, but at least once a week, could be the day when everything will calm down, nothing will clean up, nor cook Neither bake or assemble or do anything else, and you just sit still, cook tea or coffee and you will need to watch a favorite movie and just relax. A person who goes to work every day is sure to be over the whole week.
What you need to do
So you need a nice corner seat, something to drink, some goodies to play, a movie, and you can start to rest. We could also relax sports, but of course all people do not have to entertain, and it is already something in which you develop activity, so it is up to you how you take such a rest, but make sure you rest and do not bother.