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Cannabis Sativa In Use

Cannabis Sativa is also referred to as bhang. Cannabis sativa has been given different names in different countries and towns. Cannabis sativa originally came from the eastern part of Asia and then spread out widely to all the other parts of the world. Originally, Cannabis sativa has a number of uses. It has been used as a source of fibre for industrial use. Interestingly, Cannabis sativa is also a source of food. Birds that have been put in a cage can additionally be fed on Cannabis sativa. A variety of nutrients and fibres can be found in it. Bhang provides food to a variety of animals too.

Cannabis sativa is used to lift up the human being’s moods spiritually and emotionally as popularly known. Therefore it is true that Cannabis sativa has recreational benefits. Cannabis Sativa is also a source of oil from the seed which is used to light up lamps and used in making paint. Harvesting of each part of the plant of the Cannabis sativa is done on its own. Each part has its own use and purpose which is the reason for this.

In India and other parts of Asia, Cannabis sativa has been used for its medical benefits from time back in history. Cannabis sativa is one of the most commonly abused drugs because of the recreational benefits of raising up moods spiritually and emotionally. It is accepted legally and socially to enjoy the recreational benefits of Cannabis sativa in some countries. It is not accepted legally and socially to enjoy the recreational benefits of Cannabis sativa in some countries. To use Cannabis sativa in the medical and health field, a hospital or a medical practitioner has to be issued with a specific licence to allow them to actually operate using Cannabis sativa as treatment. This enables the government to follow through the amount of Cannabis sativa that is going round in its specific jurisdiction.

Cannabis Sativa is mostly abused by young men and women. The lives of the young men and women are destroyed by the abuse. Because of the recreational benefit of lifting up moods is so good, the people get to use much higher amounts than is medically recommended. The young men and women are not able to think straight and make good decisions because of this. In the process of their present life and future life gets wasted. The ongoing debate on whether to make the use of cannabis Sativa legal or illegal is created in the process to curb such behaviour. There are specific amounts prescribed for its consumption for medical purposes or recreational purposes to prevent abuse.

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